awak ='(

awak , knp awak mcm lain je skrg ? dulu tiap2 hari awak msg , awak call . tapi since dua tiga hari niee awak mcm senyap je dgn sy kan ? awak dah jarang msg , jarang call . sy rinduu awak . nevermind , siapalah sy nie kan ? nobody to you . awak pun perfect . msti ramai lagi perempuan yang awak ada kan ? its okeyy , sy tak kesah . sy tahu sy siapa okeyy . but remember . i always be with you whenever you need me besides you . truely sygg .. deep through my heart , i realy LOVE you . yesss ! but , you dont have to know about it . but sometimes im feel so stupid because im loving you this much . okeyy , mybe after this i have to forget about you . slowly  :' )

jangan lupa comment lepas baca taw :)

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